Membership FAQ's

Q.  Are 'CMQ' & 'Sunday by Sunday' still being posted during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A. YES! Very much so!

It is important for members to know that we are currently experiencing some issues with the quarterly mailing packs reaching their destinations (i.e., You!).

With the variety of problems that the COVID-19 pandemic has gracefully 'blessed' us with, the postal services continue to do their best to provide a solid and robust service within the UK and to the airports for international journeys. To a large extent, the majority of our mailing packs remain unaffected, however, especially with the Non-UK packs, we are finding that there are extreme delays in the packs arriving with you (anywhere from 2-3 weeks to a month+). This encompasses a large number of factors. The main ones being reliant on national procedures and their local postal services. Unfortunately, this lies totally out of our control and so we are trying to work on extra measures to better this service for you, as far as we can.

Q.  Why should I become a member of the RSCM?

A. If you are actively involved in church music – for example as a church leader, a member of the clergy, music director, church musician, choir member, the individual responsible for planning services – consider joining us as a member.

You will benefit from the opportunities, resources and discounts, and play an important role in the RSCM’s work, both in your local area and nationally.

Click Here to see some reasons as to why larger churches and Cathedrals will also benefit from RSCM Membership.

Q.  How do we make the most of an Affiliate membership?

A. It's easy!!

The first thing you can do is to tell your congregation that they are now part of a member church.

We provide an affiliation certificate in the welcome pack which should be used as a communication tool within your church. Place it where everyone can see it. If you have misplaced your certificate please Click Here. This FREE download can be printed off and used for the same purpose.

Secondly, take 5-10 minutes to familiarise yourself with the benefits that are on offer to you, and then disseminate this information. All current available benefits of membership are listed on the application pages under their relevant member categories. In the past, we have found that a lot of our members didn't realise how much they had on offer. It's all there for you to use.

Click Here to see some reasons as to why larger churches and Cathedrals will also benefit from RSCM Membership.

Q.  Can anyone access an Affiliate Members Webshop account?

A. Only if the Membership wish it.

The Affiliate memberships are initially set up with ONLY the registered individuals who are detailed on the application at outset. As the individuals change overtime, each new person (when added to our database) is able to 'Retrieve their account' as per the Webshop instructions (see the other FAQ's for this) and therefore get their own personal login information (linked into the Affiliate account).

If instructed by a registered individual on a membership (by email or letter), we will add others to the membership for Webshop access only, but this is solely down to the individuals of the membership. It is also their responsibility to notify us when they wish someone to no longer be linked to a membership account.

We will therefore ONLY take requests/instructions from registered individuals on a membership with reference to paid member benefits.

Q.  Website & Webshop... Whats the difference?

A. Good question! please read the text below carefully.

Our Website holds all information on who we are, what we do, our national and area events, all online Membership Applications, the Membership Renewal facility, the facility to donate, access to our CMQ magazine for church congregants, good news stories and much much more.

Our Webshop houses all of our products and digital Membership benefits (Fees Guidance, Digital Magazines, Lift Up Your Voice downloads, Members Music Book etc.), and so, most obviously, is our ecommerce environment.

The two are totally separate sites. The Website does have a 'SHOP' button at the top of the page, but the link button from the Webshop to the Website has yet to be added.

If querying Member logins to either site, please understand that the Website requires a login for Membership Renewals for EXISTING members ONLY. Otherwise, all other pages within it are open to everyone. The Webshop (see 'How do I log in to my Webshop account?' below) has a personal login for all existing current and new memberships, which is confirmed in your welcome pack, or for existing members, via the 'Retrieve Your Account' button on the Webshop sign in page.

Q.  How do I log in to my Webshop account?

A. In order to access the membership webshop accounts, you can use the 'Useful Links' Webshop button below.

For existing and new memberships, once in the shop site, you MUST click on the 'Sign In' button at the top right hand corner of the page.

If this is your first time using the Webshop as a member (Affiliate, Individual, Friend, or Student) you MUST click on 'Retrieve Your Account' and enter the information required. Your member key will have been confirmed to you in your welcome pack at outset of your membership. All the other information is as per your application form.

Please note that the RSCM cannot view your saved passwords, and so we can't tell you what this is if you forget it.

Where the Affiliate (and Affiliate Plus) memberships are concerned, ONLY individuals that have been named on the membership at the appliciation stage will be able to retrieve an account. We can accept requests to add people to a membership for Webshop Access only (via email should you wish), alternatively the registered Correspondent 1 can add an individual as a guest user through the My Account section themselves but we wont be notified of this and therefore they wont be able to query anything on the membership should they contact us.

We will not accept any instructions/requests for an individual (not currently registered on our databse) to be added to a membership unless this request comes from a currently registered individual named on the membership at the time of the request.

For those that have issues retrieving their account, before contacting us, please check that you are entering the Member Key correctly (using CAPS and any punctuation and/or numerics), in addition, clearing your internet browser cache solves a lot of member queries. These little fixes will usually resolve your issue. If you still experience problems, then please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Q.  Changing your contact information?

A. It is important that Address Change Requests are submited online or sent by email to by the 1st of the following months in order for the quarterly mailing pack (for that respective quarter) to arrive at your correct address:

February / May / August / November

Visit the Members' Area to change your contact information.

For ALL memberships, all registered individuals whether in your own right as a Member or as Correspondent or Billing Contact for an Affiliate or Affiliate Plus membership, will need to use the online form or email an instruction (stating the member key in the subject of the email) to in order for contact information (whether that be an email address, phone number, or your full postal address) to be updated.

You will need to allow at least 5 working days for this to take effect.

This is so we can ensure you don't miss out on any quarterly publication mailing packs.

Should you move, and not tell us, the RSCM will not be held responsible for undelivered mailing/magazine packs. Any replacement magazines that need to be reissued from the administration centre will carry a £5 charge (per replacement magazine) for UK members, or £10 per magazine for Overseas members (this may fluctuate slightly dependant on location and current postage costs). The charge will need to be paid prior to any replacements leaving the administration centre.

If you are a Correspondent (for an Affiliate or Affiliate Plus membership) and have not informed us of a house move, and we have no other way of contacting you, your registered position on the membership will automatically cease without notification and default to any another named Correspondent on that same membership until we're informed to the contrary.

Q.  How to renew a membership online?

A. All members (registered Billing Contacts for Affiliate & Affiliate Plus memberships) will receive a renewal notice either via email (if we hold a valid email address for you) or via post if not at least one month prior to a membership renewal.

Renewing online is ONLY accessible to those memberships who have specified a valid email address (ie for the Billing Contact in the case of Affiliate and Affiliate Plus memberships). Visit the Members' Area (or see the Useful Links below).

The login protocol for completness is as follows:

Username: registered email address (for Billing Contact if Affiliate membership)
Password: your/your church member key (this should include CAPITAL letters and/or numerics and punctuation)

Q.  How often will you contact me?

A. We send:

A quarterly mailing pack to RSCM Members (including Sunday by Sunday and CMQ magazines)

An annual renewal reminder to the registered billing contact (and chasers where necessary)

Email communciations where there are genuine reasons for doing so

An email newsletter (to which you can subscribe/unsubscribe online).

In addition to these, your local RSCM Area Committee may also contact you from time to time with details of local events.

Please note that we do not sell or pass on your information to other parties. Our privacy policies can be found in the footer section of the website pages.

Q.  Are the quarterly magazines in digital format?

A. Yes! We have introduced digital versions of 'Sunday by Sunday' and 'Church Music Quarterly'. They are located within the Webshop member accounts ( for Affiliate Plus, Affiliate and Individual Members only. Friend & Student Members will only be able to view the CMQ publication (not Sunday by Sunday) in the same location.

We have also put the 'Church Music Quarterly' (CMQ) on our website (in the members area) for member church congregations to access. By entering your church name or church member key and your email address, you are able to view this.

This has had a fantastic response from our members worldwide!

Q.  Can I just purchase copies of Sunday by Sunday?

A. No.

Sunday by Sunday is strictly a benefit of membership for our Individual and Affiliate/Affiliate Plus memberships. If you have an existing Affiliate membership you can purchase additional sets of the quarterly mailing pack (thus upgrading your membership type to ‘Affiliate Plus’) at an additional cost. Please contact to arrange this.

Q.  Can you communicate with me electronically?

A. Yes! We try to encourage members to supply email addresses for communication purposes. We do realise that some individuals don't have email addresses and therefore we will happily continue to communicate via paperbased methods where this is the case.

Q.  Why are the discounts only on RSCM publications?

A. RSCM is not a trading company, and RSCM Music Direct sales are handled by our partner, Norwich Books and Music. The terms we get from other publishers and suppliers vary. However, please do contact RSCM Music Direct ( if you are ordering more than single copies – we can often negotiate with publishers and suppliers for larger orders.

Q.  How do I cancel my membership?

A. Its very simple.

ALL cancellations need to be emailed to with the Member Key stated in the email subject. If no member key is stated, we cannot guarantee a membership will cease in time prior to a Direct Debit collection.

If you don't use email, please do feel free to post a written cancellation letter to us at: Membership Dept, RSCM, 19 The Close, Salisbury, SP1 2EB.

ALL cancellations emails/letters MUST be made by one of the registered individuals on the membership, If its not, then the cancellation will not be processed and a payment may be taken from your registered account.