Celebrate church music and musicians this
Music Sunday – 12th June 2022

RSCM Music Sunday is a fabulous opportunity not only to celebrate the role of church music in worship and the dedication of all our church musicians, but also to reach out into the community and join with others.

Whether as part of a service, or as an additional event, why not use RSCM Music Sunday as an opportunity to meet with others and to raise money for both your church or school as well as the RSCM.

Supporting Churches in Fundraising

Through our 50:50 campaign we encourage you to donate half the money raised to the RSCM, in order that we can continue to do our job of supporting church musicians. Find out more about the 50:50 campaign here.

Do something big, do something small!

  1. 1. Check out our suggested events below.
  2. 2. Use the Music Sunday Toolkit to help you plan and advertise your event.
  3. 3. Register your event to let us know you’re involved!
  4. 4. Run and take part in your event or service.
  5. 5. Let us know how it went through the feedback form!
Join the Choir of the Earth to Sing a Music Sunday Evensong
Plan to Sing the Hymn
We are the Light
Put on a Concert or a Music Sunday Evensong
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Why participate in Music Sunday?

Church Music and Musicians
There are so many special days in the calendar, but Music Sunday is a day to connect in spirit with the whole of the RSCM. It is heart-warming to know that churches around the country, and indeed the world, are focusing on the role of music in worship and the dedicated church musicians who lead this.

In addition to this central aspect of Music Sunday, this year we really encourage you to reach out within the local community to bring more people together. This might be a local school or group, or generally within the population. This might be a combined service event or something entirely different. You might want to hold your Music Sunday event during the school week – do whatever will help you to achieve your goals.

Music Sunday is a great opportunity to fundraise for your own organisation as well as the RSCM, which we call the 50:50 campaign. Depending on the nature of your event this might be a special collection on the day, the proceeds from a sale, sponsorship money or profits from a concert. We encourage you to share the money 50:50 with the RSCM so that we can invest in the future flourishing of church music.

Remember to let us know what you are doing! Register your special service or event here.

Churches marking Music Sunday this year include;

Worksop Priory (an RSCM event)

Our Lady of Victories, Christchurch, New Zealand

Kippington Church

St Mary, Shenley Church End

St Mary, Iffley

Chingford Parish Church

St John the Baptist, Kidmore End

The Parish of Totnes with Bridgetown

Southwell Minster

St John’s Episcopal Cathedral, Oban

What is the 50:50 campaign?

Recognising the financial needs of our churches, we introduced the Music Sunday 50:50 campaign to allow churches to keep half of the profits, donations and/or collections from their Music Sunday event and/or special service.

Please make sure that your audiences and congregations for Music Sunday are clear about what is being sent to the RSCM and what is being retained by the Church.

All donations to the RSCM support us in our mission to sustain music within churches and communities.