Do you share a passion for church music?

Why not volunteer with us?

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people. We could not fulfil our mission without the hard work and enthusiastic support of our local volunteers.

Some exciting changes will be taking place into 2021 in how the RSCM organises local activity across the UK.

As part of a commitment into investment in our ‘on the ground’ work by RSCM’s governing Council, a new structure will be formally launched on 1 April 2021. This follows a period of consultation, a pilot project, many conversations, and more than a year of detailed planning led by an experienced project manager.

The aim is to strengthen and grow the reach of our work, make it more visible, and to encourage and support both existing and new volunteers to help us fulfil our mission, for which there is a greater need now than perhaps there has ever been.

A network of 8 Regional Managers will oversee the work of 50 Area Teams across the country. In England there will be, in almost all cases, one Area for each Anglican Diocese (with a new role of Diocesan Representative in each), representing a move to bring to life our role as the Official Music Agency of the Church of England. However we remain keen to continue to foster relationships with all denominations, particularly where established and effective links already exist. In Wales, there will be 4 Teams, an initial single one in Scotland and in Ireland, and a further pair covering France and Northwest Europe, which are also overseen by RSCM UK. Led by a (volunteer) Area Team Leader, each Team will have a core group which plans activity in their Area, linked to a wider pool of Volunteers to help events take place and generally support RSCM activity with the times and skills they have available.

All these Teams will be working to new Terms of Reference, so that the ways that the RSCM goes about planning and carrying out Events, training and supporting activities across all the Areas is consistent, efficient and able to have maximum impact.

There will be opportunities to volunteer with the Royal School of Church Music throughout the UK. If you would like to find out more about volunteering with us, please contact Emma Huxley (Voluntary Administration Manager) by phone 01722 424856 or email: 

You can also read the new Voluntary Terms of Reference below.

If you currently volunteer with us you can access lots of useful information and resources via our Intranet here

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RSCM Voluntary Areas Terms of Reference


Voluntary Areas Terms of Reference