RSCM Member Surgeries

A great new Membership Benefit!

Are you a Member of the RSCM, or involved in one of our Affiliated churches?

Are you facing challenges with the music in your church?

Can we help your ministry to flourish?

Would it help to chat with a member of RSCM staff?

Book a one-to-one conversation with an RSCM Regional Manager.

As part of our desire to serve you more effectively, we are delighted to announce the launch of a series of Member ‘Surgeries’. These consist of bookable, ten-minute meetings with one of the RSCM’s team of Regional Managers (either online or on the telephone), in which you can ask advice about any matters relating to music in your church, or indeed ask any question about the RSCM and explore ways in which we might serve you better. If we can’t answer your question immediately, then we will be glad to point you in the most helpful direction, or toward the most appropriate resource.

The Member Surgeries will take place monthly and must be pre-booked online (below).

Please note: this is a benefit for RSCM Members only (and those involved in RSCM Affiliated churches). You will need to supply your RSCM Membership Key as part of the booking process. Please contact us if you don’t know this.

Member Surgery – July

11:00-12:00 – Online or by Phone

Booking open in late June

Upcoming Member Surgery Sessions

Wednesday 13th July – 11:00–12:00

Thursday 11th August – 11:00–12:00

Thursday 22nd September – 19:00–20:00

Monday 17th October – 19:00–20:00

Monday 7th November – 11:00–12:00

NB Booking will be available two weeks before each session.