A medal for life

RSCM Medals and Ribbons for the Voice for Life Chorister Training Scheme are available exclusively to all RSCM Affiliate, Individual and Student members.

The medals with appropriately coloured ribbon are awarded to mark your achievement as you progress through the Voice for Life training scheme. They are not purely for decoration and should not be given out simply because you have been in the choir for a long time.

  • Medals are only symbols. Much more important than the medal is the possession by you of the right attitude and level of competence.
  • Medals and all ‘symbols of office’ (e.g. Head Chorister medals) should not draw attention to themselves. They are first of all a reminder to the bearer of responsibility and the need for service.
  • The wearing of more than one medal/ribbon is STRONGLY discouraged. Only the most senior or most relevant medal should be displayed at any one time.

Exclusively for members...
Medals are only symbols. Much more important than the medal is possessing the right attitude and level of competence.

There are two sizes of choristers’ medals: The standard Voice for Life medal and the Junior Medal.

The Voice for Life medal has 4 colours of ribbon that can be bought, that correspond to the different levels of Voice for Life:

  • Light Blue,
  • Dark Blue,
  • Red,
  • Yellow,

The Junior medal uses a narrower, 15 mm, ribbon that is only available in Light Blue, Dark Blue and Red.

There are also medals for Head Chorister, Choir Director, Director of Music, Organist, Organist & Choir Director, and Loyal Service, all of which can be worn on one of the four colours of ribbon.

For Head Choristers that have passed a Voice for Life exam at Bronze, Silver or Gold levels, a Head Chorister bar is available.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold examinations are optional awards for which your choir trainer can choose to enter singers in order to affirm the standards being achieved informally within the choir on the Voice for Life training scheme.

The Voice for Life Bronze, Silver and Gold awards are open to singers of any age.

More information

Q.  Where can I find out more about the Voice for Life materials and awards?

A. For more information on the Voice for Life materials, the Bronze, Silver and Gold examinations and to download a copy of the award syllabuses, visit: www.rscm.org.uk/start-learning/voice-for-life-and-singing-awards

Q.  Where can I buy Bronze, Silver and Gold Award medals?

A. Bronze (Dean’s), Silver (Bishop’s) and Gold Award medals and their ribbons are not available for purchase online. Please contact Matthew at RSCM Music Direct (01603 785906) for further details.