Music for Mission and Ministry

Music for Mission and Ministry is designed primarily for Anglican clergy, Readers and Lay Leaders, but is open to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding about the use and management of music in worship. It is a carefully targeted course, providing practical guidance for parish music situations of all types, since the principles are generic and the application of them is part of the topic of the course.

The 48-hour version is a hands-on course offering practical advice on choosing suitable music and materials for worship, support in establishing good working practices in managing parish music, and the historical and liturgical context which underpins it all. 1:1 sessions, and music in a variety of styles are also included, with small course sizes for maximum impact. Music for Mission and Ministry Lite is a condensed version of the full course, offering the same core material in a single-day format.

Music for Mission and Ministry is related to Inspiring Music in Worship.

“Coming from an evangelical background I was unsure how RSCM could support me in my future ministry. I had always associated RSCM with more traditional choral music. So encouraging to have had these misconceptions challenged and have come away feeling more equipped in my future ministry regardless of what tradition it is in”

“Loved it. So good to know RSCM is looking to recapture its original concept of supporting music in all sectors of the church. I am now off to share this all”


Q.  When and where are Music for Mission and Ministry courses held?

A. The full version of Music for Mission and Ministry is usually run three times a year, in locations across the country. They are often held in retreat houses or similar venues and we encourage attendees to make the most of the calm and peaceful surroundings! Music for Mission and Ministry Lite events are also held in various places around the country.

Q.  I’m a music leader in my church. Is the course suitable for me too?

A. Absolutely. Though the course is designed with clergy/lay leaders in mind, there is much insight for music leaders too, and it’s always good to have a variety of viewpoints contributing to discussions. Why not book as a team from your church?

Q.  Can I see a sample timetable?

A. Yes. If you would like to see a sample timetable for the full version of Music for Mission and Ministry, please email and we will send you one. Please be aware that sample timetables are only indicative of the topics usually covered during the course – exact timings/order of sessions may change depending on local venue constraints.

Music for Mission and Ministry (Whalley Abbey Residential)