Intermediate Millennium Youth Choir

The RSCM Intermediate Millennium Youth Choir (iMYC) is a choir for young people aged 12–16, with membership via application.

iMYC is designed to develop all-round musicians and equip them with the skills they need to become future musical leaders. There is lots of high-level singing as part of the programme, but members are also given opportunities to explore composition and arrangement, work with instruments, and plan liturgy in a wide-range of wraparound sessions.

Members may be former cathedral choristers, looking to continue singing and learning at an advanced level in a liturgical context, or experienced singers in church or school choirs. iMYC meets for occasional day events and summer residentials and dedicated training is available for those with changing voices to help singers manage this stage of vocal development.

iMYC has a close relationship with its sibling group, The Millennium Youth Choir (MYC). Older singers showing good progress will be encouraged to audition for MYC.

Email or phone 01722 424848 for further information.

“It’s just as well we had such a long journey home [from the iMYC summer course] as my daughter had a lot to tell me. It’s sounds like she not only learnt some really useful new skills such as learning to accompany singers and the importance of correct diphthongs, she built on existing skills, extended her repertoire, made some really good friends and had great fun. I’m really hoping the week has helped her develop her confidence when it comes to singing.” 

A parent of an iMYC member



Q.  Who can apply?

A. Singers aged 12–16 of any voice part are invited to apply. We recommend that those working at about RSCM Silver Award level (approximately ABRSM Grade 5) are likely to be at about the right level to make the most of the opportunities available. Membership of an RSCM-affiliated choir is encouraged, and if your child isn’t singing with one regularly, we would be delighted to put you in touch with a local choir trainer.

Q.  How can I apply?

A. Singers can apply via our website and, as part of the application process, we would like to hear a short recording of you. We have provided some musical materials to help in you application which can be found on the application page.

Full instruction on how to apply for an iMYC place can be found on this page.

Q.  How much does it cost, and is there any financial assistance available?

A. All iMYC events are priced individually. The fee for the 2022 summer residential was £384 (£315 each for additional siblings), with the workshop day costing £15 per singer.

There is means-tested scholarship funding available for those who need it; the application form is made available to those offered a place in the choir.

Q.  How does the programme of events works?

A. iMYC is run nationally, so single-day events are arranged occasionally in easily accessible locations, or online via Zoom. The focus is a summer residential.

Q.  My son's voice is changing at the moment – can he still join?

A. Yes! Boys with changing voices are particularly encouraged to apply, and iMYC staff will offer support and guidance as they get used to singing in a new register. Joint events with MYC are a particularly good opportunity to work with slightly older singers who have had similar experiences. The week-long unauditioned Bath Course in August also offers training for changing voices.

Q.  How do I find out more?

A. Email or phone 01722 424848 for further information.