Pipeline Organ Scholarships

‘Pipeline’ is an organ scholarship scheme for teenage pianists, to nurture young talent and create church organists of the future. Where restricted finances and lack of access to teaching or an instrument may be a restraint, Pipeline helps overcome these barriers, and supports scholars in the musical worship of their church.

Applications are open to students aged 11 to 16, who have already achieved Grade 5 piano, and intend to serve as a church organist in the future. Scholarships initially last for two years.

Pipeline is supported by

Due to the current circumstances, we are not setting up any new Pipeline scholarships for the time being. However, if you wish to express interest in the scheme, please email education@rscm.com. 


Q.  Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?

A. Applications are open to students aged 11 to 16 who have achieved Grade 5 piano. Scholars and their families also need to be willing to commit to 30 church services a year, 2 hours of organ practice a week and attend at least one half day seminar per year.

Q.  Who does the teaching, and how often are lessons given?

A. Tuition is given by a listed RSCM tutor to a total of 30 hrs per year plus one general half-day seminar given by a member of RSCM senior staff. Students and tutors agree the venue, length and frequency of lessons, but we tend to find that one hour-long lesson a week (excluding school holidays) tends to work well. The tutor will hold a current DBS check through the RSCM. The church will need to ensure that safeguarding is enacted locally.

Q.  How does the funding work?

A. Funding varies according to individual circumstances but typically the RSCM contributes about 50% of the cost, with the church and scholar’s family making up the remainder. Occasionally, the RSCM may be able to offer a higher proportion of the total cost, thanks to generous funding from another body.

Q.  What support is available?

A. A musician in the church will keep the RSCM up-to-date on progress, particularly once the scholar is playing for services. A mentor will liaise between the church and the family to facilitate lessons, practice and other practical matters. The organ needs to be in a playable condition and have reliable access for practice sessions.

Q.  Who benefits from the scheme?

A. The student, their current church, and any church they might play in for the rest of their lives all benefit from Pipeline.

Q.  How do I find out more?

A. Email education@rscm.com or phone 01722 424844 to request further information, or check eligibility to apply.