Page 24 - Church Music Quarterly June 2019
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‘... the greatest of these is love.’ 1 Corinthians 13.13
The above quote proved to be representative of New Zealand on the blackest Friday in its history (15 March 2019), and particularly of Christchurch in the South Island, which is still recovering from devastating earthquakes.
A lone gunman slaughtered people at prayer in its Deans Avenue mosque. He then drove undetected to the Linwood Ave mosque to continue his murderous plans. Fifty are dead and the same number wounded, some critically. Welfare services swung to the rescue at both sites. What’s more, ordinary citizens nearby rushed to the aid of those injured or helped move others to shelter from the line of fire. What emerged, in spite of this evil event, is the goodwill that dominates the spirit of NZ. Though the event took place in Christchurch, the whole
of New Zealand bonded together to express love for our fellow citizens – regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or language.
Only a few days earlier, RSCMNZ affiliate St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, Christchurch, was the venue for the world premiere of Ian Bolton’s Song for Refugees, performed exquisitely by violist, Anatoly Zelinsky. This was to welcome a group to NZ from some of the world’s war-torn regions, as part of our willingness to open our home to people in need.
No matter the adversity, the work of RSCM continues strongly in NZ. At this time of year, Branches are preparing for Annual General Meetings and consolidating plans for the rest of the year ahead: these include workshops, concerts, and Music Sunday. This involves clergy leadership, singing congregations, soloists, choirs, organists, and instrumentalists all joining in expressions of love and praise to God. Robert Tait, RSCMNZ
Colleen Hart arranged the first course of 2019 with Pipe Organ Basics on Saturday 2 March at St Andrew’s Presbyterian church, Green Point. Once again, we recognized the urgent need for education, motivation and encouragement of organists using a hands-on approach. Participants aged 10 years and older learned how the organ works, looked at the various types of organ pipes and discussed the best ways to accompany services and play the organ.
Cape Town Branch wishes to acknowledge the sterling work of the Revd Malcolm Chalmers, our National Chairperson for South Africa (Gauteng Branch). We wish him and his wife, Janet, well as they relocate to the UK in April this year. We thank God for
his guidance and advice in helping
our branch be fully functional.
This year we are excited to announce that Port Elizabeth will be hosting a Winter School from 24 to 30 June at Collegiate Girls School. This promises to be an unforgettable event with Lindsay Gray (Director Emeritus RSCM) as director of music and Justine Stone as the organist.
Cedric Williams

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