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On Sunday 17 February, we celebrated Lionel Jones’s 85-year membership of our choir at St James the Great, Dursley. The Rector presented Lionel with an engraved tankard, and he was photographed with the choir after the service. Eighty-five years in one church choir is a remarkable record, and Lionel’s commitment to our music is exemplary – he is seldom away!
When Lionel joined the choir in 1934, there was a waiting list for boy trebles as the choir stalls only accommodated 16 singers. In 1938 he was one of three Dursley boys who sang at the festival in the Royal Albert Hall. By 1940 his voice had broken and he began to sing tenor; he is still doing just that all these years later! However, Lionel is not just a choir statistic. As an electrical engineer he has several patents to his name and, as a keen local historian, wrote a book detailing the history of the firm of Mawdsley’s for which he worked.
Much as we are delighted to celebrate the long service of our older members, we are always happy to welcome younger singers! Anne Shipton
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Honours 90%+ (Gold)
Highly commended 85%+ and
Commended 75%+ (Bronze/Silver)
Scott Butterly, Jonathan Dixon,
Leo Silverwood (Derby Cathedral). Dyfed: Rhian Goodson , Jasmine Morris , Christian Pearce   , Lowri Richardson (St Davids Cathedral). Ely: Sophie Seed (Cambridge,
St John Evangelist). Guildford: Yasmin Berezicki-Stevens, Freddie Davies , Kieran Kenyon   , Will Munroe   , Beth Payne , Lydia Spruce, Cai Thomas (Farnham,
St Thomas-on-the-Bourne), Imogen Attwater , Ben Charles   , Monty Nelson, Richie Zhang   (Witley, King Edward’s School). Lincoln: Liz Munday (Folkingham, St Andrew), Theodore Jones , Katherine Rees   (Lincoln, St Nicholas). Peterborough & Northampton: Fiona Allen- Benham (Higham Ferrers, St Mary Virgin). Southwark & E Surrey: Caleb Carpenter   , Benjamin Naylor (Croydon Minster), Laura Corbin Sue O’Neill   (East Dulwich, St John Evangelist), Sophie Bisson   , Tallis Hill   , Olivia Priestland   (Merton, St Mary), William James (Wimbledon, King’s College School). Suffolk: Rona French,
(Bury St Edmunds, St Mary), Chloe Beeston   ,
Michael Harland   (Ipswich, St Mary-le-Tower), Theo Geileskey   , Harry Upton   (St Edmundsbury Cathedral).
Region One: Izzy Reid , Eleanor Riesen   (Macclesfield, St Michael & All Angels), Molly Burrows , Laura Jarvis , Nathan Monk (Mellor, St Thomas). Dyfed: Lucia Cirillo , Heledd Richardson , Milo Sheldon (St Davids Cathedral). Ely: Harriet Richards   (Cambridge, St John Evangelist). Guildford: Junior Brown   , Julien Early   , Harry Naylor   (Witley, King Edward’s School). Lincoln: Jenny Seddon (Pickworth, St Andrew). Peterborough & Northampton: Christopher Butts (Finedon, St Mary Virgin). Portsmouth: Evie Warringer   (Alverstoke, St Mary). Southwark & E Surrey: Alexandre Bernard , Kojo Budu-Arthur   , Kevin Croos, Alex Lovely , Amber Nodder , Tahlyah O’Brady, Mayowe Olatidoye, Aman Ram   , Lachlan Seymour   , David Vaughan, Aarna Wangoo   (Croydon Minster), Maya Corbin, Shanan McFarlane- Raveneau (East Dulwich, St John Evangelist), Barbara Verco   (Horne, St Mary Virgin), Chloe Ellam , Matthew Hopkins, Victoria McDade (Merton, St Mary), Kenn-Ryan Kouadio-Amalaman (Plumstead Common, SS Mark w Margaret), Arvind Benedict   , Arvin Kinigama , Alexander Golder , Deyan Patel   (Wimbledon, King’s College School). Wessex: Benjamin Jacobs (Salisbury, St Thomas).
William Russell
            Region One: Rosie Allen
St Paul). Derbyshire: Ella Brown   ,

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