Page 5 - Church Music Quarterly June 2019
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least one service. There is always time set aside
for valuable review and reflection after each service. This enables us to appreciate our heritage in a more informed way and to embrace the contemporary with integrity and discernment. The highlight of
the course is frequently the final Pilgrimage service, created by the participants themselves. These vary hugely depending on the location, but each one has proved poignant and meaningful.
We are also able to offer a day version of the course, on request, at a more local level. This enables core worship leaders to come together with others from their churches, giving a greater number of people opportunity to take part and be enthused. With a smaller number of ordained ministers and a greater number of lay worship leaders who facilitate services, this type of course will be increasingly important
to inspire, develop and sustain regular worship and music in every community in the future.
We have been given fresh ideas for things we can put into place, not only with fellow musicians, but with the congregation as a whole.
I am just about to start my first incumbency, I now hope I can go in and not upset the choir!
The course has a great span across different worship styles.
The course has definitely given me hints and tips to help make music in church more relevant to younger people. The course immerses you in what you are studying.

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