What is Hymnpact!?

Hymnpact!® is a subscription-based resource for primary schools and churches, providing hymns and songs that are appealing to children and adults alike. The music is suitable for use in school (in worship and curriculum settings) but are also appropriate for church congregations of all ages. Hymnpact bridges the gap between the hymns and songs commonly sung in schools and the range of hymns sung in church. We are doing this to bring schools and churches closer together.

See the Hymnpact!® magic for yourself


'Being part of the choir is really important as it shows we are a unit. The song was easy to learn (possibly because we loved it so much) and it was great to be able to perform it!'

Toby 9 years old

'Personally speaking, and I’m sure that other people will agree, I think this is one of the best things the RSCM has done in quite a while and congratulations for this sort of thinking and for making that available.'

Mick – Diocesan Music Adviser

Reasons to choose Hymnpact!®

  • Hymns and songs that are relevant to today’s multicultural world.
  • Music that bridges the gap between school worship and church services.
  • Designed for use in both schools and churches whether or not you have musicians.
  • A broad range of styles and themes both musically and liturgically.
  • Hymns that are easy to learn, easy to sing and provide a meaningful addition to your school worship pattern and the church's liturgical year.

An exciting hymn resource perfect for school worship and church services alike.

Your one-stop resource for thoughtful, intelligent and inspiring hymns.

Resources include lyric videos, backing tracks, PowerPoint Lyric documents and sheet music.

Unique flexible resources designed for both teaching and performing.

All hymns come with flexible arrangements which can be tailored to meet your resources.

Includes the creative re-imagining of older hymns and songs.

Brought to you by The Royal
School of Church Music

The RSCM is an independent educational charity whose mission is to ‘promote the study, practice and improvement of music in Christian worship’.

The work of the Royal School of Church Music is more important now than at any time in the 95 years of our history. We support churches, musicians, and church communities of all kinds, by ensuring that they have access to the relevant support, training and education resources to sustain them now and into the future.

Brought to you by
Let’s Go Sing

Let’s Go Sing is a singing project for KS2 primary school children led by Gill Fourie and David Scott-Thomas and delivered by an amazing team of animateurs. Through their pioneering work with Sing Together in Lancashire, they have a proven track record of success of working annually with many schools to introduce children to the joys of singing with others. Let’s Go Sing is perhaps the largest outreach project of its kind in the country and provides education and performance opportunities for over 4000 children across Lancashire.