Hymnpact! FAQs

Q.  How do I buy a subscription for Hymnpact!?

A. Click the Subscribe link above, fill in the information, and pay by credit/debit card via the online subscriber's portal. This is an annual subscription.

Q.  What does my subscription cover?

A. Your subscription payment covers you to use the Hymnpact! materials in 1 church and/or 1 school. If you want to use them more widely than that (for example, if you run music across a multi-school academy trust, or a benefice containing multiple churches), please contact us (hymnpact@rscm.com) and we can discuss further. We are keen that the materials are used widely, and want to facilitate that, but as this is a subscription service, materials must not be distributed outside these parameters without the consent of RSCM.

These materials are © 2022 Hymnpact!® An imprint of the Royal School of Church Music.

This ‘fair use’ guidance is there to protect the intellectual property that is owned by RSCM.

Q.  What does the introductory offer mean?

A. Launching in July 2022, the price for a Hymnpact! subscription is £50 per annum. This 'introductory offer' reflects the growing nature of this resource. The annual subscription rate will increase over time when more hymns become available.

Q.  What resources are included?

A. As a subscriber, you have access to a range of hymns suitable for children for use in both schools and churches. Each hymn includes:

• Backing track audio and videos (with the hymn texts), streamed via the subscriber's portal.

• Downloadable PDFs of the music in different configurations (full score, leadsheet, instrumental parts etc).

• PowerPoint files of the hymn texts for projection or use on a screen (also available as a presentable PDF).

• Teaching notes for each song to help you teach it effectively.

All of these materials are accessible via the subscriber's portal (a link to the portal can be found at the top of this page).

You can also some samples of the scores on this page: https://www.rscm.org.uk/hymnpact/features-and-benefits/

Q.  What hymns are currently available?

A. Hymnpact! is a growing resource and includes both new hymns and old favourites. For an up-to-date list, please email hymnpact@rscm.com

Q.  Can I download the videos or audio to use offline?

A. Currently we do not offer this functionality as Hymnpact! is an online subscription service.

Q.  I've found a typographical error in a score! How do I report this?

A. If you come across a possible error in a score or part, then please let us know via email: hymnpact@rscm.com Typographical errors will be corrected and a new version of the score or part will be uploaded promptly.

Q.  Why do the scores appear blank when I'm viewing them in Firefox?

A. This is a known issue when viewing the scores directly in the Firefox PDF viewer. The PDFs display correctly in most* other browsers and PDF viewers/editors. If a solution is found, we will update the PDFs in the subscriber's portal.

If you find another PDF viewer/editor or have issues printing the score, please let us know at hymnpact@rscm.com

* Out of all of the variations we have tested so far.

Q.  Who do I contact for support on any issues?

A. Please send your Hymnpact! problems to hymnpact@rscm.com