How it works

Hymnpact! is a digital resource and is designed to work in various ways.

Lyric Videos: The videos have full orchestration, played and sung by professional musicians, included as standard. They have been designed to meet SEND. Choose between performance and instrumental versions.

Tracks: Like the videos, you can choose between performance and instrumental versions. You might want to use tracks where a hymn has been learnt from memory for example, or use of the videos is not possible.

PowerPoints: The PowerPoint slides are perfect if you have musicians playing and just want to provide the words. They are not automated, giving you full control.

Sheet Music: If your organisation does have access to musicians, our hymns can be accompanied on a piano, on the organ, by a guitar and even with a small group of instrumentalists. They can be sung with just the melody, or with a descant and even with a choir. There are multiple versions of the scores which accommodate all of these options. The sheet music is available to download and we recommend using apps such as forScore (IOS) or Orpheus (Android). Both these apps provide great functionality and are used and trusted by musicians all over the world.

A resource how you want it: We believe the flexibility of the resources are unrivalled.

Want to fly the flag for Hymnpact!? Here’s a promotional leaflet for you to print and take into schools!

Hymnpact! Leaflet

Features and Benefits

Hymns and songs to suit all occasions, tastes and styles. Easy to use adaptable resources.

No musicians? No problem!

Our lyric videos come with full instrumentation.
Choose between instrumental or sung performance versions

Have musicians? Great!

Our PowerPoint slides are the perfect solution if you
just want lyrics.

Need the sheet music? Sure!

Customise the arrangements with the following, compatible scores and parts:

Piano, Voice and Guitar
Choir and Piano
Choir and Organ
Instrumental parts in C, B-flat and E-flat
Bass Part
Full Score

Taking your school choir or class to a service in your parish church? Awesome! Ask the choir leader to teach the hymns to the church choir and congregation, and enjoy the rewarding experience of watching the children’s faces light up as they hear everyone joining in with their hymns!

Click on the links below to see samples of the Hymnpact! resources

All Hymnpact! lyric videos are available with and without singing.