RSCM’s Sunday by Sunday Plus is the new online companion to our ever-popular magazine Sunday by Sunday. It is designed to help you plan music for services and rehearsals and manage your musicians.

Sunday by Sunday Plus is available now to all RSCM Group Members as part of their Membership benefits.

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A guide to using Sunday by Sunday Plus

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‘I find Sunday by Sunday Plus really useful to see the dates of future choir rehearsals and services, what anthems are planned and which of my fellow sopranos I’ll be singing with.’ – Jane C

‘Sunday by Sunday Plus allows me to see what the balance of singers will be like at a particular service and therefore whether I need to do a bit more practise!!!’ – Christine W

‘I find Sunday by Sunday Plus really useful to know what music to have ready to play for choir rehearsals. Also which hymn tunes are set, and even which organist is due to play. So many really useful features!’ – Hazel R

Creating your account
Adding people
Adding music
Adding services
Adding rehearsals
Messaging your choir
Further set-up options


Q.  How do I access Sunday by Sunday Plus?

A. Head to and set up your account. The videos above will guide you through the initial set up process.

Sunday by Sunday Plus is a benefit of an RSCM Group Membership. If your church isn’t yet a Group Member of the RSCM, head to to look at all of the benefits of joining us.

Q.  Help! I can't set up my church!

A. If you have any issues with setting up your church on Sunday by Sunday Plus, or any other problems, then please contact us at: