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Voice for Life® Digital is a brand-new, enhanced version of the RSCM’s vocal training scheme for choristers and singers of all ages. Once set up, the system allows your choir members to progress with minimised input from the choir trainer. Supporting the development of your singers has never been easier!

Voice for Life® Digital supports learning and skill development with new online resources either in-browser or mobile devices in the Moodle App (available for iOS and Android). The materials aid individual learning in mixed media with videos, interactive questions, quizzes, and games to check understanding.

Each Voice for Life® level includes modules on:
Vocal skills | Music theory and understanding | Repertoire engagement | Aural skills | Choir in context

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How VfL Digital Works

Once registered, Voice for Life® choir trainers manage their own ring-fenced group of choir members whose progress they can easily monitor and support. Choir trainer access costs £50 for five years of access to the platform – discounted to £10 for RSCM Group Members.

The choir trainer purchases Voice for Life® levels for each of their choir members to work through – £5 each for the first three levels: White, Light Blue, and Dark Blue – £8 for Red and Yellow. Each VfL level includes a personalised certificate for the singer and, once completed, can be printed and presented.

This exciting new approach to Voice for Life® is cross-compatible with the original books. The learning outcomes are the same, but the resources are in a new, enhanced format.

Still have questions? Please contact us at vfldigital@rscm.com