Leaving a Gift in Your Will

Gifts in wills are a vital source of income for the RSCM, ensuring that the breadth of our support for the continued development of music in worship can continue for generations to come.

By remembering us in your will you will help secure the future of our education and training, and all the work we do to support our individual and church members, as well as championing the cause of music in worship. You will help to continue the unbroken thread of church music that has spanned centuries so far and help to ensure its future.

Whether you are thinking of revising an existing Will or writing your first Will, please consider this long-term way of giving. We are all easily put off this task: not wanting to think about the inevitable, not wanting to make decisions about your estate, maybe you don’t know how to do it and fear it will be complicated. But it may not be as difficult as you think, and ultimately means that your wishes can be carried out.

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No legacy is too small.

When it comes to writing your Will, we know that you will need to care for your loved ones first. But when you consider a gift to the RSCM there are different options for what you might do;

A Pecuniary bequest – this is when you specify a particular sum of money

A residuary bequest – this is when you specify a percentage/proportion of your estate after other gifts have been made. You might leave this to one charity or many.

1% of your estate may not sound like very much, perhaps it doesn’t even sound worth bothering with, but it would be music to our beneficiaries’ ears.

Of course, you don’t have to tell us that you are leaving us a gift in your will.

But if you do, we will be able to thank you, and keep you informed of our work, as well as inviting you to join our Legacy Society.

We strongly recommend seeking independent professional advice when making a will.

Details to include in your will:

Our Full Name: The Royal School of Church Music

Charity Number: 312828

Address: 19 The Close, Salisbury SP1 2EB

Are we already in your will?

If you have already included us in your Will, why not get in touch and tell us! We would love to hear about the inspiration for your gift and we would also like to offer you the opportunity to join

This is a group of special supporters who, like you, have pledged a final gift to the RSCM.

There is no requirement to tell us what you have left us, or indeed to join, but we would welcome the opportunity to be able to thank you.

As a member you will receive;

  • An invitation for you and a guest to our annual Legacy Society Service in which we give thanks for our living members, and remembers those (both members and non-members) whose gifts have been received
  • Further invitations to events in your local area as appropriate occasions arise
  • A lapel pin
  • A twice-yearly newsletter
  • Acknowledgement as a supporter on our website, should you choose this option. You can, of course, remain anonymous.

Contact Fiona Wright at development@rscm.com or call her on 01722 424848