Do you want to help to enable the flourishing of church music?

Will you help us to:

encourage the development of church music and musicians through our comprehensive programme of education?

bring people closer to God through music by the provision of high quality and relevant support?

promote music in worship, and excellence in music through advocacy a promotion in the wider world?

The RSCM receives no Government funding or regular support from the Church of England. Our Friends and Donors are our financial backbone and regular giving in particular helps us with planning our programmes of work and courses.

We have a vision – our Strategic Plan

We have a plan – this includes our Education Plan

We have ambition – for example, the programmes here in this year’s Annual Appeal

Your Friendship will help us to plan confidently for the future to advance the vision.

We have a bold, new Education Plan which will deliver our aim to empower and equip the next generation of church musicians. This encompasses all six aspects of our work:

Choral – Congregational – Ministerial – Instrumental – Organ – Schools

The Friends of the RSCM is a scheme that encourages you to support our work financially on a regular basis. By pledging to give a regular gift of £50.00 a year or more you can become a Friend of the RSCM, and support the future flourishing of church music.

Gift aiding your donations if you are able will add a further 25% to our funds without costing you an extra penny.

Please support us with our mission.

With your support we can make so much happen; we can continue to respond pro-actively to change, growth and development in music in worship as well as reaching new audiences, engaging the next generation and providing greater opportunities for spiritual enrichment and social cohesion.

Benefits of Friendship of the RSCM

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Together we can rebuild, reshape and revitalise the landscape of church music.

Friend Application

If you would prefer to use a paper application, please click the download buttons below to save the pdfs to your computer.

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