Voice for Life Resources

The RSCM Voice for Life programme produces a range of Young Voices Festival services to encourage maximum participation from young people, and to develop their understanding of the theme of the service. Each service has been designed so that it can be used as a complete event, while individual musical and liturgical items could also be introduced into services, concert programmes or assemblies throughout the year.

Young Voices Festivals
The RSCM's Young Voices Festivals provide a varied collection of music and inspiring liturgies. There is no better way to bring young voices into your church.
Revd Dr Gregor Zednik

God's Green Planet
Songs of Praise the Angels Sang
Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly
We Will Remember Them
Bread of Life
Water of Life
All God's People
Within our Darkest Night

About the Young Voices Festivals

Getting started

Firstly, decide which of these services you wish to use. All singers need to arrive with their own copy of the music and should be as confident as possible with the content. Resources available for choirs and singers are provided in slightly different formats for different services, so please check carefully what will be needed.

Recruiting people to help you

To run a Young Voices Festival service, you will need and Event Administrator, a Festival Director, an Accompanist (piano or organ), and a Chaplain. If you are taking on the main role of organising the event yourself, it is highly recommended that you read the Event Administrator’s job description. You may also wish to have additional stewards to help on the day, and possibly a qualified first-aider. Descriptions for all the recommended roles are available in Guidance Pack below.


If you are running this as an independent event, we encourage you to ensure that all young people are appropriately supervised during the day and that permission has been sought from parents for their attendance. The recommended booking form makes it clear that children attending are to be supervised by a designated adult from their own choir. If this is an independent event at your church, local diocesan safeguarding policies must be followed.

Suggested timetable

The amount of rehearsal time will depend on whether you ask singers to learn their music in advance or just turn up and sing it on the day. You need to make this clear to participants at the time of booking, and also allocate the readings in advance so the participants in question have time to look at their reading before the service. You should also clarify whether singers should bring their own provisions or whether refreshments will be provided. See the Guidance Pack below for further suggestions.