Music Sunday — 6th June 2021
Join us in celebrating the role of music and musicians in church life

RSCM Music Sunday 2021 will take place on Sunday 6th June. We cannot tell yet what that will look like, but do put the date in your own diary as well as the church diary.

The RSCM Music Sunday
Anthem Competition 2021

The Royal School of Church Music is inviting composers to submit an anthem, setting words of a prayer written by Revd Canon Gordon Giles, to celebrate Music Sunday 2021.The winner of the competition will receive a prize of £350. The winning composition will be published by the RSCM, broadcast as part of the Big Music Sunday Service at Lichfield Cathedral on Sunday 6 June 2021, and performed locally by parish choirs using it in their RSCM Music Sunday services.

Deadline for submissions, which must be in pdf format, is 12:00 GMT on Monday 1 March 2021 and should be sent to There is no entry fee for the competition.

Further details, including the words to be set, can be downloaded here: RSCM Music Sunday Composition Competition

Just a few examples of feedback from the Big Music Sunday Service 2020

“Thank you RSCM – a great service in both senses of that word.”

“Wonderful uplifting music and worship. Thanks to each and everyone who has participated in any way to make it a memorable occasion. Here’s to us being able to sing together again very soon.”

“Just a big thank you for last night’s Evensong. Such a special event.”

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Top 5 Suggested Activities

Learn the new piece specially commissioned by the RSCM for Music Sunday 2020

Hymns and Psalms and Sacred Songs by Thomas Hewitt Jones is now available exclusively to RSCM members as a free download, and to members and non-members as printed copies for purchase.

Find Out More Here

Plan an extended service

Here you will find a bespoke service put together by Revd Canon Anna Macham, RSCM Council member and Canon Precentor of Salisbury Cathedral.

Download the materials

Hold a Songs of Praise event

Join with other local churches and come together to sing a variety of hymns, possibly from different traditions. These could be interspersed with speakers, readings or prayers.

Plan a concert

Stick with an old favourite or try something new!

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Afternoon Tea

A Sunday afternoon in June is a splendid time for Afternoon Tea. See our guide below for other events combining refreshments into your event.

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General Resources

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Gift Aid can be claimed at any gathering where donations are collected.
One way for us to claim Gift Aid on donations is by individual donors completing Gift Aid envelopes which you are able to request on the booking form. These must be sent to us with the donations.

However, it may also be possible for us to collect Gift Aid on donations via small collections. The information that we require will be the date, venue and nature of the event (which we will have from your registration form) as well as the approximate number of attendees. Please include this in your feedback form.


Please use the Music Sunday logo in your communications and publicity.

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Next Steps

We are sure that churches and other organisations will want to capitalise on their event and have included these editable resources to allow you to reach out to your audience or congregations.

Service Times cards

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What is the 50:50 campaign?

Recognising the financial needs of our churches, we introduced the Music Sunday 50:50 campaign 3 years ago to allow churches to share event and service proceeds and collections with us rather than necessarily donating 100%. It is up to churches themselves to decide how they want to participate this year. The logo will be the same for all events and publicity material whether you are raising money for the RSCM or not, but we do ask you to ensure that you are clear with your audiences and congregations about how any funds raised are being used. All donations to the RSCM will support us in our mission to sustain music within churches and communities.

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