RSCM Member Benefit Chorally

Chorally is a choral discussion platform, posting events, news, scholarships, job opportunities, services and more, with partners such as the RSCM, National Youth Choir, Trinity College London and others. Head to the Chorally home page here: Home | CHORALLY and the RSCM’s public page here: RSCM | CHORALLY .

With chorally, you can keep up to date with all sorts of events, services, news from the RSCM and more. 

Did you know that as a Group or Individual Member of the RSCM, you have access to the RSCM discussion page?  On this page you can network with each other and catch up with news, ideas and resources from the organisation. Discuss those questions that everyone’s asking such as how to support choir recruitment and choir training ideas.  

Find out more at Royal School of Church Music | CHORALLY.  

If you are a Group or Individual Member and have not received an invitation to join, please email to request this.