The late Sir David Harrison

The RSCM is sad to learn of the death of Sir David Harrison FRSCM (1930–2023), who was Chairman of the RSCM Council from 1996 to 2005. He guided the RSCM through nine years of exceptional change, when the Council had to make tough decisions in order to set the organisation on a new and positive course with strong programmes and real vision for the future. This began with the relocation of the RSCM’s operational centre from Addington Palace to the attractive but unsustainable Cleveland Lodge, near Dorking; the reshaping of the role of director as chief executive as well as musical leader; the reform of the council as a small, working body; the relaunching of the RSCM Press; the inauguration of Voice for Life; and the preparation for the move from Dorking to Sarum College, Salisbury. To every meeting he brought quiet wisdom, patience and kindness. Behind the scenes he offered generous support and care for the senior officers through a demanding and sometimes uncertain period. He was a very good Christian person.