What is your vision for music in your church in the years to come?  Do you hope for a growing, committed church, united in praise?   Do you long for the community to come together in regular worship? Do you dream of people of all ages joining together in song?

The real essence of the RSCM is a community of people, people who work together prompted by a shared passion for church music.   Through our continued work with young people, clergy, musicians and congregations, we can and will make a difference.

Membership of the RSCM is an investment in the future of church music. The support of our members enables us to offer education and training courses, published resources, and activities for all those involved in music in worship.

We would love you to join us and help us to do even more to serve the church and to encourage good music everywhere.

RSCM membership is available both to organisations and individuals. Organisations such as churches and schools can become affiliates of the RSCM. Individuals can become members or friends of the RSCM. The different types of membership attract different benefits and have different levels of fees. The exact fees and benefits available also depend on where you are.

Membership FAQ's

Q.  Why should I become a member of the RSCM?

A. If you are actively involved in church music – for example as a church leader, a member of the clergy, music director, church musician, choir member, the individual responsible for planning services – consider joining us as a member.

You will benefit from the opportunities, resources and discounts, and play an important role in the RSCM’s work, both in your local area and nationally.

Q.  What do I do if I move house/change my contact information?

A. If you are a registered individual on a church (Affiliate or Affiliate Plus) membership, or that you hold an Indiviudal/Student/or Friend membership, you will need to email as soon as possible stating your Member Key in the subject of the email and stating your new contact information.

This is so we can ensure you don't miss out on any quarterly publication mailing packs.

If you move and don't tell us, there will be a charge of £5 per replacement magazine for UK members, or £10 per replacement magazine for Overseas members (this may fluctuate slightly dependant on location and current postage costs) which will need to be paid prior to us reissuing any magazines to you.

For 'Correspondents' (of Affiliate and Affiliate Plus memberships) who have not informed us of a house move, and we have no other way of contacting you, your registered position on the membership will automatically transfer to another named Correspondent on that same membership.

Q.  How do I log into my/our Webshop account?

A. In order to access the member webshop accounts, you first need to navigate either directly to, or via the (main site) and click on the pink trolley icon at the top of the page.

When in the shop site, you will be asked for your member key and password. When entering your member key (provided on all written communications and given at outset of the membership) ensure that you are using CAPITAL LETTERS and including any numerics and/or punctuation symbols.

Affiliate Members: please note that your membership is a shared membership and you will need to communicate any password changes throughout your team. Password resets can ONLY be requested by any of the following roles:

Billing Contact
Correspondent 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.

We will not accept any instructions/requests from anyone other than those currently listed on a membership on our database at the time of the call.

NB. For those that have issues logging in using the correct member key format and password, please clear your internet browser cache and try again before contacting us. This will usually resolve your issue.

Q.  How do I renew my membership online?

A. All members (registered Billing Contacts for Affiliate memberships) will receive a renewal notice either via email (if we hold a valid email address for you) or via post, if not.

Renewing online is ONLY accessible to those memberships who have specified a valid email address (ie for the Billing Contact in the case of Affiliate memberships). Visit the Member Login (a link is also provided in the renewal form email which is issued about a month prior to the renewal date) and the login information is:

Username: registered email address (for Billing Contact if Affiliate membership)
Password: your/your church member key (this should include CAPITAL letters and/or numerics and punctuation)

Q.  How often will you contact me?

A. We send:

A quarterly mailing pack to RSCM Members (including Sunday by Sunday and CMQ magazines)

An annual renewal reminder to the registered billing contact (and chasers where necessary)

Occassional email communciations where there are genuine reasons for doing so

An email newsletter (to which you can subscribe/unsubscribe online).

In addition to these, your local RSCM Area Committee may also contact you from time to time with details of local events.

Please note that we do not sell or pass on your information to other parties. Our privacy policies can be found in the footer section of the website pages.

Q.  Are the quarterly magazines in digital format?

A. Yes! We have introduced digital versions of 'Sunday by Sunday', 'Church Music Quarterly', and 'The Network'. They are located within the Webshop member accounts (

These are also available in high resolution pdfs which work well with visual recognition software.

This has had a fantastic response from our members worldwide!

Q.  Can I just purchase copies of Sunday by Sunday?

A. No.

Sunday by Sunday is strictly a benefit of membership for our Individual and Affiliate/Affilaite Plus memberships. If you have an existing Affiliate membership you can purchase additional sets of the quarterly mailing pack (thus upgrading your membership type to ‘Affiliate Plus’) at an additional cost. Please contact to arrange this.

Q.  Can you communicate with me electronically?

A. Yes! We try to encourage members to supply email addresses for communication purposes. We do realise that some individuals don't have email addresses and therefore we will happily continue to communicate via paperbased methods where this is the case.

Q.  Why are the discounts only on RSCM publications?

A. RSCM is not a trading company, and RSCM Music Direct sales are handled by our partner, Norwich Books and Music. The terms we get from other publishers and suppliers vary. However, please do contact RSCM Music Direct ( if you are ordering more than single copies – we can often negotiate with publishers and suppliers for larger orders.