What is your vision for music in your church in the years to come?  Do you hope for a growing, committed church, united in praise?   Do you long for the community to come together in regular worship? Do you dream of people of all ages joining together in song?

The real essence of the RSCM is a community of people, people who work together prompted by a shared passion for church music.   Through our continued work with young people, clergy, musicians and congregations, we can and will make a difference.

Membership of the RSCM is an investment in the future of church music. The support of our members enables us to offer education and training courses, published resources, and activities for all those involved in music in worship.

We would love you to join us and help us to do even more to serve the church and to encourage good music everywhere.

RSCM membership is available both to organisations and individuals. Organisations such as churches and schools can become affiliates of the RSCM. Individuals can become members or friends of the RSCM. The different types of membership attract different benefits and have different levels of fees. The exact fees and benefits available also depend on where you are.