John Bell to give this year’s Annual Lecture

We are delighted that John Bell will be giving this year’s annual lecture. John, a Fellow of the RSCM, will focus on The Limitless resources of local church music.

In church music, there is a tendency to worry more about not having enough rather than having too much. This is especially true in churches without a regular musician, where few people can read music, or where the congregation is getting older, leading to pessimism rather than optimism about the future.

In this lecture, John Bell, minister of the Church of Scotland, will challenge this negative outlook, drawing on the experience of the Iona Community of which he is a member, and local churches throughout the world who have moved successfully from having too little to having too much.

The talk will be taking place in person in Salisbury on Wednesday 18th September, and available as a recording from the following Wednesday.

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