Menter Gerdd / Operation Music

Menter Gerdd is the RSCM’s major initiative in Wales, to support organists, worship leaders, choristers and particularly those congregations with little or no musical resources, to make them more confident in using music as part of worship. The four-part programme comes at the request of the Church in Wales’ Bishops and is believed to be the first time in the RSCM’s history that a denomination’s senior leaders have invited it to devise a nationwide training programme.

The four parts are:

Training in musical matters for clergy and worship leaders (delivered through the Music for Mission and Ministry programme)

Musical resources and ideas for congregations, even those with no musical resources (delivered through the Lift up your Voice programme)

Music resources and ideas for the use of instruments

Training for organists, including voluntary ones (delivered through the Complete Church Organist programme – see below)

The Complete Church Organist programme

The Complete Church Organist programme is for church organists (or pianists turned organist!) in Wales who would benefit from inspiration, support and coaching. CCO offers practical help and coaching by RSCM accredited tutors in a sequence of sessions spread through the year, attended by no more than six students. The sessions, intended for the average player, will focus primarily on the technical skills to accompany congregational hymn singing as well as how to manage stops and pedals (where relevant).

Applications for 2019–2020 are now closed but please do email to be included on the mailing list for next year.


Q.  How does Complete Church Organist work?

A. The RSCM links one or more organists with a tutor in their area. Groups arrange lessons in blocks of six at a mutually convenient time in an agreed venue – usually about once a month, but lessons can be more frequent if preferred by the group. Students pay a small admin fee each and split the cost of tuition and any venue hire between them.

Q.  I’d like to talk to someone about arranging training in my church through the Menter Gerdd programme. What do I do?

A. If you are interested in exploring one or more parts of Menter Gerdd, and how it can support music in your church, please email or phone 01722 424848.