RSCM Voices Choirs – 2023/24

Our four Voices Choirs have an exciting season of events planned, with visits to venues from Dunfermline in the north to Portsmouth in the south booked for the coming ten months.

If you’re in the area on the day we’re visiting, please do join the congregation for the service.

Saturday 7 October – Newcastle Cathedral (NCS)
Saturday 4 November – Collegiate Church of St Mary’s, Warwick (Voices South)
Saturday 2 December – Christchurch Priory (Voices West)
Saturday 2 December – Old St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Edinburgh (Scottish Voices)
Saturday 13 January – Bristol Cathedral (Voices West)
Saturday 10 February – St Michael’s Parish Church, Linlithgow (Scottish Voices)
Saturday 10 February – Liverpool Cathedral (NCS)
Saturday 17 February – Wells Cathedral (Voices West)
Saturday 2 March – Croydon Minster (Voices South)
Saturday 23 March – Lichfield Cathedral (NCS)
Saturday 20 April – Dunfermline Abbey (Scottish Voices)
Saturday 27 April – Brecon Cathedral (Voices West)
Monday 6 May – York Minster (NCS)
Monday 6 May – Portsmouth Cathedral (Voices South)
Saturday 18 May – Cathedral of the Isles, Millport, Isle of Cumbrae (Scottish Voices)
Saturday 15 June – Hereford Cathedral (Voices West)
Saturday 22 June – Norwich Cathedral (Voices South)
Saturday 20 July – Southwell Minster (NCS)
Monday 26 August – Canterbury Cathedral (Voices South)

All four choirs would be delighted to hear from prospective singers (adults of all voice parts, working at RSCM Silver standard or above); please visit and select a choir to find the relevant contact details.