The RSCM launches Voice for Life® Digital

This week we have launched an online version of our acclaimed vocal training scheme for choristers and singers of all ages and abilities, Voice for Life® Digital which takes the content of the tried-and-tested Voice for Life® books into an exciting, new digital context while remaining cross-compatible with the books.

Easy to navigate and clearly designed with appealing graphics and videos, Voice for Life® Digital harnesses the power of interactive technology to offer singers guidance on all the key aspects of voice training and musical skills – from posture and breathing to aural skills, musical notation and reading the score, understanding musical terms, and much more.

Organised in 5 colour coded levels, from beginner to advanced, each goal-directed module is designed to help singers discover more about what their voice can do and improve further as a singer. It aims to increase their knowledge and understanding of music and help them progress as a member of their choir while also encouraging independent learning and developing an appreciation for the positive aspects of belonging to a choir.

Choir trainers register and create their own ring-fenced group of choir members whose progress they can monitor and support. There is plenty of dynamic, interactive content to help singers learn, with quizzes and games to check understanding.

“I am really excited that we have launched this  new resource. It’s a really rich source of content which supports the progress of singers at all levels. The digital aspect enables us to use new, interactive ways of delivering the material, making the best of technology. It’s taken a long time to complete the project – but the wait is over! I really look forward to seeing how it makes a positive impact on the development of those who sing in choirs.” Hugh Morris, Director 

To find out more, including costs, please click here.