Urgent Appeal: Become a Friend of the RSCM & Secure the Future of Church Music for All, Including our Children & Grandchildren…

For over 90 years the RSCM has been at the very heart of church music. Our vision is ‘A Church drawn closer to God through music’. During the pandemic, with churches closed and live church music prohibited, we reacted quickly supporting clergy, church musicians and congregations, and were able to meet a great need in time of crisis. Our role in generating the materials for the hymn resource on A Church Near You has been particularly valued. Though we received appreciation for our relevant support, our fundraising, as with so many charities, was devastatingly affected. As we tentatively emerge from the pandemic, our mission is more vital than ever before, and we call on you for your support.

We urgently need to enable more children and young people to discover the joy of singing in church. Why? We recently undertook a substantial survey revealing great numbers of committed church musicians,  singers, and organists but the average age of these much-valued members of our church music communities is over 60.

Our aim is to ensure that a new generation of church musicians is empowered to take church music into the future. Church music has important work to do, not only in terms of mission but also community. We are bringing church music to communities across the UK, enabling children to sing in schools, and inviting children into churches to sing, nurturing from childhood a love and understanding of church music, its role in worship, its part of our rich heritage across the UK, and its positive impact on well-being. The RSCM plans to enable a whole new generation of musicians to develop the skills to bring vibrant church music to parishes across the nation and through that music, congregations.

We are future-proofing church music, a living tradition, building on the heritage of more than 1000 years of music in worship.

This is a vital and powerful ambition that needs support now if we are to secure the future of church music for our children and grandchildren and ensure that this important part of our spiritual and cultural heritage endures.

We have a bold, new Education Plan which provides effective means of delivering this ambition. We have new training programmes covering all six aspects of our work – Choral, Congregational, Ministerial, Instrumental, Organ, and Schools. We have new products, including our innovative Hymnpact!® resource linking school and church, and a wide range of training sessions. Every donation we receive enables us to progress our plans further and faster.

Please support us with this mission – live music gives life to the church. The easiest way is by becoming a Friend of the RSCM, click here for more information on the benefits of becoming a Friend of the RSCM and to join.

If your church is not one of our thousands of Affiliated Members, then now is a great time to sign up – our Member benefits are growing and developing all the time. Click here for more information.