A Brand New Member Benefit For Our Affiliate (and Affiliate Plus) Members

For some time now, our Members have been asking for more music to be made available for use within their services. After prayer, thought and discussion, we have put together this new and sought after benefit that will provide you with a resource that enhances your music in worship.

The Members’ Music Book will be available as from 8 February 2019 for unlimited download through the Affiliate and Affiliate Plus Member Webshop accounts –

To access this all you need to do is log in using your Member Key as the username. Passwords can be reset through the site, should they not be remembered, or alternatively the Membership Department can reset this from the office (please email in this case).

This benefit alone will supply you with over £100 worth of material within each edition in addition to other Membership benefits.

This benefit (released periodically) will comprise of a small selection of sheet music that has been carefully chosen to be accessible by many different musical skill sets. The collection of music within each edition may include (but not be exclusive to) accompanied or unaccompanied anthems, organ voluntaries, instrumental arrangements, arrangements of hymns and worship songs. Our aim is to vary the content from edition to edition so that there is something for everyone to access.

The choice of music will in most cases look to facilitate the forthcoming events in the church’s calendar, and some of these items will of course be able to be used more than once throughout the church’s year.

Not only will Affiliate and Affiliate Plus Members have the sheet music to keep, but they will have the copying rights for these pieces too.

We will be introducing this new benefit in stages to our different Membership categories, beginning with the Affiliate and Affiliate Plus Memberships.