Farewell Ian …

Ian Church attended his last meeting of RSCM’s governing Council in September, after 12 years of outstanding service. Holding the post of Vice-Chair of Council for most of that time, Ian has helped steer the RSCM into a position of strength and stability, and has worked tirelessly both to support staff, and the mission of the charity. Significant achievements include devising new management structures, recruiting new trustees, and cementing the relationships with our International Partners. We look forward to a continuing warm relationship with Ian, who remains committed to actively supporting the RSCM.

His successor is Phil Taylor, who joined Council in March 2015. Like Ian, Phil is a parish church organist; he lives in Liverpool and is an active supporter of his local RSCM. Phil has previously chaired a national health related charity, and runs an IT support business, so comes with admirable credentials for the role.