RSCM Annual Festival Service Book 2019

Where shall Wisdom be Found? gives liturgical form to the search for wisdom, for it is through prayer that our search finds its most eloquent expression. As well as RSCM Festival Services, it lends itself to accompany important decision-making moments in the church community, or a means by which the church could pray for a national or global situation. The service has been devised by James Steven (Academic Dean at Sarum College), Adrian Lucas (Head of Choral Studies, RSCM) and Tim Ruffer (Head of Publishing, RSCM).

The book includes works by Lennox Berkeley, Herbert Brewer, Harold Darke, Grayston Ives, Adrian Lucas, Peter Moger, Margaret Rizza and Will Todd, as well as a specially commissioned Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis for Unison Voices by Philip Wilby. There is also a thread of Plainchant running through the service that could allow for a very simple liturgy using the church’s most ancient music.

Where shall Wisdom be Found? includes a wide selection of hymns and songs, and a choice of choral items suitable for full SATB choir as well as those with more limited resources. Equally suitable for Area Festivals performed by hundreds and for smaller local services, this book offers a treasure store for use on many occasions.

RSCM Catalogue Number: RS55

RSCM Music Direct Order Code: S0180

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Music streaming

The Word
Sending Out
Additional Resources

The Gathering


      1. 01 Advent Prose performance

Adrian Lucas: O Sapientia

      2. Full performance
      3. Soprano
      4. Alto
      5. Lower Voices
      6. Piano

Margaret Rizza: O Sapientia

      7. Full performance
      8. Upper voices
      9. Lower voices

Prayers of Penitence

Kyrie Confession

John L. Bell: St Bride’s Kyrie

      10. Full performance

Darke: Kyrie from Communion Service in F

      11. Full performance
      12. Upper voices
      13. Lower voices
      14. Piano

Lennox Berkeley: Kyrie from Missa Brevis

      15. Full performance
      16. Soprano
      17. Alto
      18. Tenor
      19. Bass
      20. Piano

The Word of God

Canticle: Magnificat

Philip Wilby: Magnificat from Evening Service for Unison Voices

      21. Full performance
      22. Piano


      23. Plainchant Magnificat performance

Peter Moger: A Song of Wisdom (Congregational Setting)

      24. Full performance

Grayston Ives: A Song of Wisdom

      25. Full performance
      26. Upper voices
      27. Lower voices

Prayers of Intercession

The Lord’s prayer


      28. Full performance
      29. Upper voices
      30. Lower voices

The Sending Out


Peter Moger: Where Shall Wisdom be Found

      31. Full performance
      32. Piano

Herbert Brewer: Blessing, Glory, Wisdom, and Thanks

      33. Full performance
      34. Sopranos
      35. Altos
      36. Tenor
      37. Bass
      38. Piano

Will Todd: The Call of Wisdom

      39. Full performance
      40. Upper voices
      41. Lower voices
      42. Piano

Additional Choral Resources

Philip Wilby: Nunc dimittis

      43. Full performance
      44. Piano