RSCM Festival Service Book – Where shall wisdom be found?

The annual RSCM Festival Service Book for 2019 is the first major collaboration between the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) and Sarum College, which houses the RSCM’s Administrative Office. The service outline has been devised by James Steven, Sarum College’s Academic Dean and Coordinator of the Centre for Liturgy and Worship, (pictured far left) and the music chosen by Adrian Lucas, RSCM’s Head of Choral Studies, (pictured far right) and Tim Ruffer, RSCM’s Head of Publishing, (pictured middle).

‘Where shall wisdom be found?’ gives liturgical form to the search for wisdom, for it is through prayer that our search finds its most eloquent expression. As James Steven says: ‘The theme is particularly relevant in an age of uncertainty, marked by profound and widespread changes in the political, environmental and economic landscape of our world’. Adrian Lucas, talking about the music chosen for the festival book says: ‘We know our Festival Service books are used in a wide variety of circumstances, from large Area Festivals in cathedrals, performed by hundred to smaller local services. We have endeavoured to provide a wide range of musical options throughout the book, so that it can be used in churches with very limited musical resources, as well as those with large choirs’.

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