If you didn’t attend An Evening in Conversation with Brian Kay – who has enjoyed a long, varied and distinguished career in music – live on 28th February, you missed a treat.

The conversation and stories flowed freely. Above all, Brian vividly communicated the joy that music continues to bring to him; and to hear him talking so warmly about his Methodist upbringing, and ongoing love of hymns, emphasised why the RSCM is fortunate to have him as a Vice-President.

“wonderful”           “enriching”            an evening “so full of happy memories for so many people”

An entertaining watch, the recording is now available from the webshop at £10.00; and his book of memoirs (Music, My Life: A Gallimaufry of Musical Memories) is also available (£12.95). Click HERE for RSCM Music Shop.

There was so much to talk about, and questions submitted, the evening could easily have been twice as long!